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The thesaurus-eschewing Chromebook fourteen for Work is that the latest enterprise laptop computer to return out of genus Acer. whereas the name is not winning the Taiwanese company any prizes for ability, a minimum of it provides pertinent facts concerning the device: what it’s (a Chromebook), the scale of its screen (14 inches) and World Health Organization it’s for (people World Health Organization wear collared shirts).

Don’t hassle checking the genus Acer store for this high-end enterprise configuration – the Chromebook fourteen for Work is just being sold through the company’s business sales channel. However, genus Acer is creating the less-powerful Chromebook fourteen (period) out there for retail purchase.

In addition to its sales strategy, the fourteen for Work differs from its regular genus Acer Chromebook brethren in appearance and power. rather than the patron version’s Al alloy chassis, the fourteen for Work options a customizable Corning Gorilla gorilla Glass high cowl. And whereas retail genus Acer Chromebooks get a Core i3 or Celeron processor, the fourteen for Work sports a 6th-gen Core i5 processor underneath its hood.

Thanks conjointly to its 8GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, the fourteen for Work brings enough power to travel toe-to-toe with any of the Chromebook strongmen, just like the Chromebook element ($999, £799, about AU$1,277), the holler Chromebook thirteen ($613, about £484, AU$969) and therefore the H.P. Chromebook thirteen ($499, about £342, AU$655).

But all of this power comes at a value of $750 (about £571, AU$1,004) for a Chromebook? The fourteen for Work’s performance justifies its value, however several businesses could notice $750 to be an excessive amount of for a tool that solely runs Chrome OS.

Simply put, the fourteen for Work’s Gorilla gorilla Glass high cowl is associate center. Few alternative laptops sport this level of refulgence, scratch resistance or customizability (Acer can enable its customers to order custom pictures for his or her Chromebook high covers).

There ar some downsides to Gorilla gorilla Glass tho’. Firstly, as each smartphone user is aware of, it smudges simply. (Those company logos written onto the highest cowl can would like frequent buffing.) Secondly, it’s slick. raise the fourteen for Work by its lid and it will slip out of your hands.

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