Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Review – Pros and Cons 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge may be a phone i might hate to own had to create. Its precursor was a multi-award-winning phone, just because it packed all the facility of the ‘normal’ Galaxy S6 and nonetheless… that falciform edge. I wasn’t alone in smitten it, whipping it out with pride whenever potential.

But that was last year, and also the world is bored of the falciform style. we have seen it. it has been done. therefore what will Samsung do to create the new phone a true step forward?

Well, not like what it’s done on the Galaxy S7, that appearance (initially) like last year’s model, the changes on the S7 Edge square measure sensible, adding a zest to a style that might have quickly become bored.

The screen is larger, nonetheless somehow the phone does not feel an excessive amount of larger within the hand. The rear of the phone is currently falciform too, creating it sit nicely within the hand. It’s waterproof. there is a microSD card slot. there is such a lot power in there i am pretty certain I may strap it on the rear of a powerboat and build my approach across the Atlantic.
And that’s even additional potential as a result of the battery – such a disappointment on last year’s S6 phones – is boosted massively too, giving US a French telephone that is able to last over twenty four hours between charges.

All this comes at a price clearly, and a fairly hefty one. within the UK that price is £640 (although if you look around it will currently be found for around £630), whereas within the US you are looking at an enormous $299 on a biennial contract, or the new unbarred worth of $769 (again, look around and you are looking at additional $600 now). In Australia, the Galaxy S7 Edge attracts the very best worth for a Galaxy yet: AU$1,249 for the 32GB version.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge price: what quantity can it price me?
That’s quite an jump from last year’s AU$1,149 beginning worth, showing this is often one in all the foremost high-priced phones around.

But, in my view, it’s price each penny.


The Galaxy S7 Edge may be a phone that lives and dies by its appearance. If you are solely curious about the facility then simply choose the quality Galaxy S7. The smaller, ‘normal’, model possesses all an equivalent smarts, however a rather slicker screen due to packing an equivalent quantity of pixels into a smaller space.

Even the straightforward choice to double-tap the house button to activate the camera (which may be a very nice component, if not as quick as some others on the market) helps the snapper feel additional usable and intuitive; Samsung has very thought of the approach it’s place this package along.
Pro tip: use the quantity down button to require an image, because the phone can feel plenty steadier within the hand given its slightly less manageable size.

Whether you are shooting a giant landscape or a camera lens close-up, or simply wish to capture the instant, the Galaxy S7 Edge’s camera performs fantastically – take a glance at the snaps on consequent page to ascertain what I mean.

Camera interface

One of the items that affected ME throughout testing was simply what percentage of the options on the Galaxy S7 Edge’s camera interface were kind of like the iPhone’s.
I’m not obtaining drawn into the argument of that came initial, as each brands will assert to doing things an exact approach, however there square measure plenty of similarities between the 2. Samsung is actually leaning towards an easier camera interface, wherever Apple is packing in additional settings – and also the 2 square measure meeting somewhere within the middle.

One feature that Samsung has weirdly value-added is ‘Motion photo’, that captures a really shot video before taking a photograph. It’s simply a rubbish feature, manufacturing low-res, silent videos that begin approach too early and have random lengths – not one thing i am going to ever be sharing.

Oh, and it is a very little like Live Photos, isn’t it, Samsung? Why are not you creating an even bigger deal of ‘Sound and Shot’ instead?
Testing out the low lightweight capabilities of the Galaxy S7 Edge’s camera yielded some fascinating results – the mixture of the larger pixels with a giant sensing element and quick aperture suggests that it ought to be sensational in low lightweight.

And the excellent news is, it is. I compared the S7 Edge to the iPhone 6S and (Apple’s best at low lightweight photography, complete with optical image stablization) and last year’s Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, to ascertain wherever the enhancements have come back and the way the 2 leading manufacturers’ flagships fare.

You can see the comparison shots on the page when next, however my huge takeaway was that the S7 is each quick at focusing in low lightweight and wonderful at capturing detail, not processing out the highlights in a very desperate plan to let in additional lightweight.

The S6 Edge will arguably capture brighter photos if you force it to try and do therefore, however they were horrendously muddy and reedy, because the camera left the shutter open barely too long in an endeavor to drag in additional lightweight.

The iPhone 6S and fared higher against the Galaxy S7 Edge, however did not capture the maximum amount of the scene, nor with the maximum amount sharpness typically. Forcing the cameras on every to show as arduous as potential (by sound on a coal black component of the screen) showed that, again, the S7 Edge had the… er… beating of the opposite 2, with a superb balance of sharpness and detail.

We’ll update this section once more once we’ve place the Galaxy S7 Edge head-to-head with the twin cameras on the rear of the new iPhone seven and.


I hate selfies still (you do not ought to be in each image, neither is it arduous to raise some other person to require a photograph of you). But, love or hate them, {they’re|they square measure} here to remain – and types are operating arduous to pack as several options as potential into their front-facing cameras.


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