Apple’s app for learning to code, Swift Playgrounds, launches in French, Chinese, and 5 new languages

Apple's Swift Playgrounds app for iPad.

Apple has announced that Swift Playgrounds, an iPad app designed to teach people how to code with Apple’s open-source Swift programming language, is now available in five new languages.

First unveiled at WWDC in San Francisco last summer, Swift Playgrounds features a range of interactive puzzles and programming lessons designed to teach the fundamentals of coding. It strives to do so bring “fun” to the table, with users tapping the screen and instantly seeing the results of their action in a video down the right-hand side. There’s also an enhanced virtual keyboard for those seeking more advanced functions.

Now, in addition to English, Swift Playgrounds supports Japanese, German, Simplified Chinese, French, and Latin American Spanish.

“The Swift Playgrounds app has helped people of all ages learn the basics of coding, and with more than a million downloads to date, customers and students find it an easy and fun way to get started with Swift,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook, in a press release.

First announced at WWDC back in 2014, Swift was four years in the making and is now used by developers to build apps across iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. Apple went on to open-source Swift back in 2015, a move that brought Apple into line with other major technology companies that put development tools in the open, including Facebook, Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft.

Earlier this year, Swift creator and project lead Chris Lattner announced he was leaving Apple to join Tesla.

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