Apple new supplier progress report: 98% now comply with 60-hour work week maximum

Apple today released its 11th annual audit of its suppliers and reported that 98 percent of its 705 suppliers were adhering to the rules regarding 60-hour work weeks.

The company also said that tripled the number of suppliers in its energy savings program which resulted in a reduction of carbon emissions by 150,000 metric tons of carbon emissions. Apple also said it trained more than 2.4 million workers on their labor rights last year.

“Apple believes everyone in its supply chain deserves dignity and respect,” the company wrote in the report. “From stricter standards to improving working conditions and protecting the planet, Apple raises the bar higher for its suppliers and the industry.”

The report is a closely-watched annual update from the world’s most valuable company, which had faced heavy criticism for the working conditions and environmental impact across its sprawling supply chain that makes its iPhones, iPads and Macbooks.

More to come.

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