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Amazon is that the undisputed champion of the ereader market, and its most cost-effective Kindle model is one among the popular ebook readers on the earth.

The 2016 model is that the eighth generation of Amazon’s entry-level Kindle. we tend to gave the 2014 seventh-generation Kindle a positive review, and this latest version sees the look revised over again, and a few new options other.

The 2016 Kindle prices £59/US$79 (about AU$105) with adverts on the lock screen, or £69/US$99 (about AU$130) if you do not wish to ascertain any adverts.

There area unit a lot of exciting, bell and whistle-packed ereaders out there, like Amazon’s Kindle Oasis or Kindle Voyage; but, the fundamental Kindle has long been the go-to device if you are looking for an easy reading expertise while not disbursal abundant cash.
But is that the original ereader still the simplest basic choice out there? If you’ve got the 2014 model, is it value upgrading? And, only if you’ll be able to still purchase the 2014 Kindle for £10 or $10 less at the time of writing, is it value dishing out further|the additional} for a brand new look and a few extra features?
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The style is that the major amendment within the cover version of the Amazon Kindle – the Kindle Fire-like design has been born in favor of one thing a trifle sleeker, and this Kindle is slimmer, lighter and shorter than ever before.
The bezels area unit a trifle diluent, creating the device feel far more compact, and easier to carry in one hand. It’s 16 PF lighter than the Kindle that went before it, and a full one.5mm slimmer furthermore.

The Kindle does not feel premium to the bit tho’ – for that you’re going to got to upgrade to the Oasis or Voyage, that area unit the foremost valuable models within the Kindle line.
Here you’ve an easy recorder with rounded corners. it isn’t thrilling, however it will the work.
The back is plastic, with the Amazon brand emblazoned thereon. this could acquire fingerprints quite simply and could be a grease magnet, however if you retain your digits clean it will not be a problem.

The four corners of the Kindle feel rounder and easier to carry than on previous iterations, that makes the entire reading expertise far more comfy – bear in mind, you’ll be holding this device for quite it slow.

Kindle 2016

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